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AC IMMUNE SA filed this Form 6-K on 06/28/2017
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© 2017 AC Immune. Not to be used or reproduced without permission. Annual General Meeting | Lausanne | June 28, 2017 25 AC Immune diagnostics Creation of precision medicine in neurodegenerative diseases Strategic value for AC Immune ▪ Enable early and better diagnosis of patients ▪ Improved selection of patients ▪ Early detection / diagnosis significantly increases probability of clinical success ▪ Attractive assets for partnering Benefit for patients and healthcare systems ▪ Early treatment start for patients with demonstrated disease ▪ Improvement in patient safety and outcome ▪ Lowering costs of treatment IVD (Tau, Abeta ) ▪ CSF ▪ Blood Tau - PET imaging agent ▪ Brain imaging α - syn - PET + TDP - 43 imaging agent ▪ Brain imaging


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