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SEC Filings

AC IMMUNE SA filed this Form 20-F on 03/21/2019
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D.Trend information


See “Item 5. Operating and Financial Review and Prospects”.


E.Off-balance sheet arrangements


We do not have any material off-balance sheet arrangements or commitments.


F.Tabular disclosure of contractual obligations


We have been a tenant at our current location in the EPFL Innovation Park since shortly after our inception in 2003. We have entered into long-term rental lease agreements with respect to these facilities. However, our lease agreements are structured such that we can exit these lease agreements without penalty provided we give the owner of our premises sufficient notice.


The following table presents information relating to our contractual obligations that are committed as of December 31, 2018:


  Payments Due by Period
in CHF thousands Less Than 1 Year Between 1-3 Years Between 3-5 years More than 5 years Total
Operating lease obligations 793 34 34 861
Research and development obligations 18,755 6,775 4,975 1,190 31,695
Debt-obligation 332 186 518
Total 19,880 6,995 5,009 1,190  33,074


G.Safe harbor


See “Forward-Looking Statements.”


H.Non-IFRS Financial Measures


In addition to our operating results, as calculated in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, or IFRS, as adopted by the International Accounting Standards Board, we use Adjusted Loss and Adjusted Loss per share when monitoring and evaluating our operational performance. Adjusted Loss is defined as loss for the relevant period, as adjusted for certain items that we believe are not indicative of our ongoing operating performance. Adjusted Loss per share is defined as Adjusted Loss for the relevant period divided by the weighted-average number of shares for such period.


We believe that these measures assist our shareholders because they enhance comparability of our results each period and provide more useful insight into operational results for the period. The Company’s executive management uses these non-IFRS measures to evaluate our operational performance. These non-IFRS financial measures are not meant to be considered alone or substitute for our IFRS financial measures and should be read in conjunction with AC Immune’s financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS. The most directly comparable IFRS measure to these non-IFRS measures is net loss and loss per share. The following table reconciles net loss and loss per share to Adjusted Net Loss and Adjusted Net Loss per share for the periods presented:



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