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AC IMMUNE SA filed this Form 20-F on 03/21/2019
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The following tables provide contract revenue amounts by year indicated included in the Company's accompanying financial statements attributable to transactions arising from its licensing arrangements.


  For the Years Ended
December 31,
in CHF thousands, by partner 2018   2017   2016
Genentech   14,000   14,001
Janssen 2,157   1,239   6,628
Life Molecular Imaging   1,080   7
Biogen 4,024   3,930   2,100
Other 1,013   6   478
Total contract revenue 7,194   20,255   23,214


Biogen and Janssen accounted for 56% and 30% of our contract revenues in 2018, respectively. Genentech and Biogen accounted for 69% and 19% of our contract revenues in 2017, respectively. Genentech and Janssen accounted for 60% and 29% of our contract revenues in 2016, respectively.


Anti-Abeta antibody in AD – 2006 agreement with Genentech


In November 2006, AC Immune signed an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement for crenezumab, our humanized monoclonal antibody targeting misfolded Abeta. The value of this partnership is potentially greater than USD 340 (CHF 339) million.


The term of the Agreement commenced on the Effective Date and, unless sooner terminated by mutual agreement or pursuant to any other provision of the Agreement, terminates on the date on which all obligations between the Parties with respect to the payment of milestones or royalties with respect to Licensed Products have passed or expired. Either party may terminate the Agreement for any material breach by the other Party, provided a cure period of 90 days from the date notice is given.


Genentech commenced a first Phase 3 clinical study in March 2016 for crenezumab. In March 2017, Genentech started a second Phase 3 clinical trial. If crenezumab receives regulatory approval, we will be entitled to receive royalties that are tied to annual sales volumes with different royalty rates applicable in the U.S. and Europe. To date, we have received total milestone payments of USD 65 million (CHF 70.1 million) comprised of a USD 25 (CHF 31.6) million up-front payment and USD 40 (CHF 38.2) million for clinical development milestones achieved all in prior to January 1, 2017. Genentech may terminate the agreement at any time by providing three months’ notice to us. In such event all costs incurred are still refundable.


AC Immune assessed this arrangement in accordance with IFRS 15 and concluded that Genentech is a customer. The Company identified the following performance obligations under the contract: (i) a right-to-use license and (ii) conduct of research under a research plan. The Company considered the research and development capabilities of Genentech and Genentech’s right to sublicense to conclude that the license has stand-alone functionality and is distinct. The Company’s obligation to perform research does not significantly impact or modify the licenses’ granted functionality. 


At execution of the agreement, the transaction price included the USD 25 (CHF 31.6) million up-front consideration received. At inception, none of the clinical or regulatory milestones had been included in the transaction price, as all milestone amounts were fully constrained. The Company has received three milestone payments since inception totaling USD 40 (CHF 38.2) million. The Company could receive greater than USD 275 (CHF 274) million or more for further regulatory milestones for this exclusive, worldwide alliance. In assessing that future regulatory milestones are fully constrained, the Company considered numerous factors, including that receipt of the milestones is outside the control of the Company and contingent upon success in future clinical trials and the licensee’s efforts. Any consideration related to royalties will be recognized when the related sales occur as they were determined to relate predominantly to the license granted to Genentech and therefore have also been excluded from the transaction price. The Company will re-evaluate the transaction price in each reporting period and as uncertain events are resolved or other changes in circumstances occur.



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