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SEC Filings

AC IMMUNE SA filed this Form 20-F on 03/21/2019
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We currently rely on third-party suppliers and other third parties for production of our product candidates and our dependence on these third parties may impair the advancement of our research and development programs and the development of our product candidates.


We currently rely on and expect to continue to rely on third parties, for the manufacturing and supply of chemical compounds for the clinical studies of our current and future product candidates. For the foreseeable future, we expect to continue to rely on such third parties for the manufacture of any of our product candidates on a clinical or commercial scale, if any of our product candidates receives regulatory approval. Reliance on third-party providers may expose us to different risks than if we were to manufacture product candidates ourselves. The facilities used by our contract manufacturers to manufacture our product candidates must be approved by the FDA or other regulatory authorities pursuant to inspections that will be conducted after we submit our NDA or comparable marketing application to the FDA or other regulatory authority. We do not have control over a supplier’s or manufacturer’s compliance with these laws, regulations and applicable cGMP standards and other laws and regulations, such as those related to environmental health and safety matters. If our contract manufacturers cannot successfully manufacture material that conforms to our specifications and the strict regulatory requirements of the FDA or others, they will not be able to secure and/or maintain regulatory approval for their manufacturing facilities. In addition, we have no control over the ability of our contract manufacturers to maintain adequate quality control, quality assurance and qualified personnel. If the FDA or a comparable foreign regulatory authority does not approve these facilities for the manufacture of our product candidates or if it withdraws any such approval in the future, we may need to find alternative manufacturing facilities, which would significantly impact our ability to develop, obtain regulatory approval for or market our product candidates, if approved. Any failure to achieve and maintain compliance with these laws, regulations and standards could subject us to the risk that we may have to suspend the manufacturing of our product candidates or that obtained approvals could be revoked, which would adversely affect our business and reputation.


Third-party providers may breach agreements they have with us because of factors beyond our control. Contract manufacturers often encounter difficulties involving production yields, quality control and quality assurance, as well as shortages of qualified personnel. They may also terminate or refuse to renew their agreements because of their own financial difficulties or business priorities, potentially at a time that is costly or otherwise inconvenient for us. If we were unable to find adequate replacement or another acceptable solution in time, our clinical studies could be delayed or our commercial activities could be harmed.


In addition, the fact that we are dependent on our suppliers and other third parties for the manufacture, storage and distribution of our product candidates means that we are subject to the risk that our product candidates and, if approved, commercial products may have manufacturing defects that we have limited ability to prevent or control. The sale of products containing such defects could result in recalls or regulatory enforcement action that could adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.


Growth in the costs and expenses of components or raw materials may also adversely influence our business, financial condition and results of operations. Supply sources could be interrupted from time to time and, if interrupted, we cannot be certain that supplies could be resumed (whether in part or in whole) within a reasonable timeframe and at an acceptable cost or at all. Our current and anticipated future dependence upon others for the manufacturing of our current and future product candidates may adversely affect our future profit margins and our, or our collaborations partners’ ability to commercialize any products that receive marketing approval on a timely and competitive basis.


Our collaboration arrangements with our strategic partners may make us an attractive target for potential acquisitions under certain circumstances.


Under certain circumstances, due to the structure of our collaboration arrangements with our strategic partners, our strategic partners may prefer to acquire us rather than paying the milestone payments or royalties under the collaboration arrangements, which may bring additional uncertainties to our business development and prospects. For example, under our collaboration arrangements with Genentech, Lilly and Janssen, we may become entitled to substantial milestone payments and royalties. As a result, rather than paying the milestone payments or royalties, Genentech, Lilly or Janssen, or one of their affiliates including Roche or Johnson & Johnson, may choose to acquire us.


Risks Related to Intellectual Property


We may not have sufficient patent terms to effectively protect our products and business.



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