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AC IMMUNE SA filed this Form 20-F on 03/21/2019
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Our Proprietary Technology Platforms


Our two unique proprietary and versatile technology platforms are engines to drive the growth of our development: our SupraAntigen platform, which is our biological and immunological platform, and our Morphomer platform, which is our small molecule, chemical platform. These platforms are designed to generate vaccines, antibodies and small molecules, respectively, which selectively interact with misfolded proteins that are common in a broad range of neurodegenerative diseases.


Our SupraAntigen platform generates humanized monoclonal antibodies and vaccines for use as passive and active immunotherapies that are highly specific for pathological, or misfolded, forms of proteins typically found in neurodegenerative diseases.


The key advantages of the SupraAntigen platform include:


·Highly selective conformation-specific immunotherapy;


·Generation of antibodies and vaccines;


·Generation of a rapid antibody response; and


·Favorable safety avoiding T-cell mediated inflammation.


Product candidates generated utilizing the SupraAntigen platform include crenezumab in Phase 2 in AD, ACI-24 in Phase 2 in AD and Phase 1b in DS, ACI-35 in Phase 1b in AD, an anti-Tau antibody in Phase 2 in AD and the pre-clinical antibodies for alpha-synuclein/TDP-43 in PD and neuro-orphan indications.


Our Morphomer platform represents a highly promising technology that enables us to generate conformation specific small molecules through rational design. As of December 31, 2018, our Morphomer library consisted of more than 4,750 compounds. This proprietary platform enables us to generate small molecules that bind to their target and break up neurotoxic protein aggregates or act as propagation inhibitors.


Therapeutic product candidates generated by the Morphomer platform include the pre-clinical therapeutic programs such as Morphomer Tau in AD, Morphomer alpha-synuclein in PD and the diagnostic programs Tau-PET imaging agent in Phase 1 in AD and PSP and alpha-synuclein-PET and TDP-43 PET imaging agents in the pre-clinical stage.


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Our AD Programs




Crenezumab is a humanized, conformation-specific monoclonal antibody that targets misfolded Abeta and has a broad binding profile. Crenezumab was developed using our proprietary SupraAntigen platform. In 2006, we licensed crenezumab to Genentech, a company with a long history of developing and commercializing innovative biologics.



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