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SEC Filings

AC IMMUNE SA filed this Form 20-F on 03/21/2019
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Compliance with Governing Rules and Quality Requirements


The facilities used by our collaboration partners and contract manufacturing organizations to manufacture our product candidates are systematically audited by local authorities and occasionally inspected by competent authorities where the clinical studies are ongoing. The facilities where the commercial productions are performed must be approved by the FDA or other relevant regulatory authorities pursuant to inspections that are conducted after we submit our NDA or comparable marketing applications. We perform periodic quality audits of the manufacturing facilities and contract manufacturing organizations to monitor their compliance with the regional laws, regulations and applicable cGMP standards and other laws and regulations, such as those related to environmental health and safety matters. The scope of our audits also involves monitoring the ability of our providers to maintain adequate quality controls and quality assurance systems including personnel qualification.


After manufacturing, our products are submitted to extensive characterization and quality control testing plans performed by using properly developed analytical methods that are qualified or validated; this ensures the accuracy of the results generated and provides evidence of the quality of our products. In addition, our products are submitted to detailed and standardized stability programs aimed at demonstrating the stability during the storage period; this, while it guarantees the safety of the products, supports the definition of a suitable supply chain that may encompass the distribution of the products in different continents.


Contractual framework


We have established, with contract manufacturing organizations supplying drug substances or drug products under GMP, quality agreements and manufacturing service agreements. Quality agreements define the quality standards required to develop, produce and supply the product. Quality agreements also define the responsibilities related to the collaboration with regards to the quality related aspects. Manufacturing service agreements, in turn, define the commercial and financial framework under which product manufacturing under GMP is performed. Any failure to achieve and maintain compliance with the laws, regulations and standards, suspension of the manufacturing of our product candidates or revoke of cGMP permissions which would adversely affect our business and reputation are defined in the master service agreements and quality agreements. The risk that any third-party providers may breach the agreements they have with us because of factors beyond our control and the possibility they may also terminate or refuse to renew their agreements because of their own financial difficulties or business priorities, potentially at a time that is costly or otherwise inconvenient for us is managed by us with constant investments toward maintaining reserve stocks and in-depth process know-how. The latter is supported by continuous in-house process development and production activities of small-scale/research grade materials that may offer the chance to rapidly identify alternative contract manufacturers to which the manufacturing process could be transferred providing continuity for the clinical study.


Interaction with collaboration partners and contract manufacturing organizations


Finally, our partnership with contract manufacturing organizations is managed through an efficient project management platform in which teams are formed with the representatives of each key function from both parties. Meetings occur either by telephone conferences aimed at updating short term actions or face-to-face when mid-long term development plans are discussed.


Government Regulation and Our Regulatory Department


Our regulatory department has a strong culture of regulatory compliance, operating under three guiding principles, to:


·Provide constructive regulatory input for development products;


·Ensure smooth regulatory approvals by anticipating hurdles; and


·Build confidence with regulators by continuous communication


The quality assurance group is included within the regulatory department with the mission to:


·Create and maintain a corporate quality management system; and


·Ensure GCP, GMP, GLP and GDP compliance



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